yayQuery Podcast 1.0

A few of the ladies and fellas from the #jquery IRC (Adam J. Sontag, Paul Irish, & Rebecca Murphey) and I decided to make a podcast on the topic of jQuery. We landed on the name yayQuery!

From Paul’s blog post:

We talk about…

  • Underscore.js - a great utility belt (very handy for Ruby/Python folks), comes with John Resig’s microtemplating script and lots more
  • Thickbox - Rest in peace. Also alternatives: Colorbox, jQuery UI Dialog
  • jQuery on mobile. Phonegap, XUI, jQTouch, going it alone
  • Anti-Pattern of the week: css(key,val)
  • $var and Hungarian notation
  • … and dancing

If you’d like a download: mp3 audio (30mb), mp4 video (94mb), ogg video (61mb)

I’d love to get your feedback on what you liked or didn’t like. If people seem to enjoy it, we’d love to step up the production just a bit, but it doesn’t really make sense quite yet.

You can also follow us on twitter (@yayQuery) if you want updates for the next episodes and such. Yay!